Landline Phones are a Waste of Money, but if You Want One Here are the Cheapest

The Basics: 

ATT SucksIn the 21st century a landline phone is the equivalent of the horse and carriage.  With the advent of cell phones and more importantly smart phones there really is nothing you can do with a landline that you cannot do on a cell phone.  There are some however who like the security of having a landline phone in the house and for you there is good news. 

There are several ways to get landline phone service for less a fraction of what you used to pay.  If you want to save money, get rid of the big phone and cable corporations and take a look at these options.

The Cable Bundle Scam - Overcharging for Landline Phone Service

Cable companies that offer phone, internet and cable services in a bundle wildly overcharge for phone service.  They try to hide the cost of the phone ($25 - $50 per month) in a service bundle (ex: Comcast Triple Play or AT&T UVerse Bundle) but the bottom line is that you will be paying $300 to $500 annually for a landline.  The scam of it all is that if you try to take the landline out of the bundle they will jack up the price of the internet and cable service so much that you are forced to get the landline just to save some money.

The forcing of landline service by Comcast and AT&T is the result of their monopoly on the cable business, but if you don't want cable or have found a way to get your cable and Internet elsewhere then you can kiss AT&T and Comcast goodbye with these phone options.

Magic JackMagicJack - Magic Jack is a phone service that allows you to make free local and long distance calls anywhere in the US and Canada for less than $40 per year.  The secret to this service is a little device that you plug directly into your home phone jack.   The calls are routed thru a Magic Jack Modem which you can then connect to your local phone.  The service is simple and there are no hidden fees, taxes and extra charges that you get through the phone companies like AT&T.  Want more info on Magic Jack, click this link.

SkypeSkype - Skype is a service that allows you to make phone calls over the Internet using a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP).  Simply subscribe to the Skype service through your computer and you are on your way to making free local and long distance calls.  the great thing about Skype is that because it uses the Internet you can make video calls to other Skype users.  Not all the calls are free, but if you want the premium Skype package it will still cost you less than $5 per month.

These are two pretty good options for landline service, but if you have others let us know.  Our readers will appreciate it!

What you may not know: 

When Magic Jack first came out you used to have to plug the Magic Jack into your computer to use the service.  With Magic Jack Plus you no longer need to have a computer - you plug directly into your phone outlet.

What you need to know: 

CrapcastA cable bundle that contains high speed internet and cable alone costs MORE than the bundle that contains phone internet and cable.  The Cable and Phone mega-corporations are forcing people to buy landline service even when they don't want it.  This scam needs to be stopped.  Write your local cable company!

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ViktoriaS on Thu, 03/29/2012 - 00:25

We dropped the landline more than a year ago. Mostly because in the end we were just getting annoying calls from marketers or strangers dialing the wrong number...So we all now just use cell phones. I have a NET10 prepaid phone 'cause I don't like spending hours on the phone anyway but the cell has very good signal in and around the house (actually almost anywhere I go). It does mean I still have peace of mind about making emergency calls at any time. I know some people who have awful signal in their homes and I guess it would be more of a consideration on whether they should drop the landline even if it costs short term loans. I just couldn't justify the cost of the landline anymore, I used it so seldom.