How to Get Internet and TV - WITHOUT a Landline, Contract or a Cable Company

The Basics: 

Comcast TruckAnybody who has spent more than 5 minutes on this site knows that we have no love for mega-corporations that dominate our economy.  We especially have no love for those mega corporations that have a monopoly over an industry, and use that monopoly to toake advantage of consumers with high prices and poor service.  One of our least favorite mega-corporations are the cable companies that force you into long-term contracts for overpriced services just because they are the only game in town.

We are always looking for alternatives to these mega-corporations, as having basic Internet and TV should not cost hundreds of dollars each month.  Below is one of those alternatives that allows you to have Internet and broadcast television without the long-term contract from Comcast or a similar corporate crook.

Clear LogoAnybody who has their own house or apartment knows that it is increasingly difficult to get basic cable and high-speed Internet without being forced into some "bundle" by AT&T or Comcast that forces you to also pay for landline service and a bunch of TV channels that you will never watch.  There are companies that offer high-speed Internet without the contract. is one of them. offers 4G High-speed Internet on a monthly basis.  They offer several options for service that allow you to have individual devices to connect to the Web or to allow you to network several computers together in a home network.  For an even lighter footprint you can get a small "stick that connects directly to your computer.  Each of these options is incredibly simple to set up and does not require the long reams of cables, transmitter boxes and routers used by Comcast and others.

TV over the Internet

Once you have access to high-speed Internet you then have the ability to watch most television online.  The latest ratings study by Nielsen shows that 89 of the top 100 shows are on broadcast TV and the majority of broadcast TV is now free on the Internet (click "Free TV on the Web" to see what's available).

Movies over the Web

Netflix logoOnce your TV show situation is squared away the only remaining issue are movies.  The prices at NetFlix may have gone up, but they are still by far cheaper than just a single movie package offered by the cable companies.  4G Internet is more than sufficient to stream movies to you on-demand.  This means no more waiting for HBO to show a decent movie.  The cost of 1 movie On-Demand is equal to the monthly cost of Netflix where you have unlimited movies (and TV shows). 

What you may not know: 

89 of the top 100 TV shows are on broadcast TV.  Most broadcast TV shows are available for free on the Internet.

Comcast and AT&T are monopolies because they have "sweetheart deals" with the federal government to lay their cables across the country and to individual homes.  This government sponsored monopoly guarantees that these companies can control the vast majority of cable, Internet and phone service.

The cable companies that monopolize the industry are considering encrypting their broadcast signal to stop smaller companies from being able to provide their service.  Monopolies like Comcast must be prevented from doing this.

An additional benefit of Clear is that you now have Internet on the go.

What you need to know: 

Most cable companies offer bundles that they say save you money.  In actuality those bundles FORCE you to pay for a landline phone even when you don't want it.  You actually end up spending more on the bundle.

Forcing you to sign up for the HBO and other movie packages is how cable companies make much of their profit.  The total cost of all the individual movie package can be 4 to 5 times more than the cost of NetFlix, and with Netflix you get ALL the movies, not just ones shown on the movie channels.

The cost of ordering just 1 movie On-Demand from Comcast can equal the monthly cost of Netflix where you have unlimited movies.

You may start off with "discounted" bundle pricing with a cable company, but if you make too many late payments you may LOSE your discount and end up OVERPAYING for your cable TV services.

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