How to Fix Anything in Your House

The Basics: 

Black Couple Home RepairHaving a house is the American dream, but when things start breaking it feels like the American nightmare.  Garbage disposals breaking, doors that won't shut, and washing machines that destroy your clothes can drive you crazy plus straight to the poor house.  You can pay hundreds of dollars to specialty repairmen to fix each item, but if you are mechanically inclined you might want to try to fix some of these things yourself.

Below are two resources that can greatly assist you with your do-it-yourself repair efforts and hopefully save you a lot of money in the process.

Repair ClinicIf you have a problem with any appliance in your house, the Repair Clinic can help you fix it.  Just select the appliance from the long list on the left, select the appropriate make and model and you will get detailed instructions on how to diagnose and then fix the problem.

Repair Clinic Screenshot

You can also order parts from the site, and if you're still having problems with your repair you can live chat with someone 6:30 to midnight, 7 days a week.

How Stuff WorksIf you need a more general understanding of how the appliances and fixtures of your house function, How Stuff Works is the perfect site.  With sections on appliances, home improvement, lawn and garden and more, How Stuff Works will explain in very clear terms how to remove, repair or upgrade almost anything in your home.  The written instructions are simple and for many items there are accompanying videos.  Whether you decide to fix anything or not it is a guarantee you will learn something when you use this site.

How Stuff Works Screenshot

Good luck on your home repairs and we hope these 2 resources can save you a few bucks.  If you have other resource suggestions enter them in the comments below.

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