What is a Mancation and Why You May Need One?

The Basics: 

MancationThere is nothing like the company of a good woman.  Likewise, it is a true blessing to be able to spend time with your children or your extended family.  With that being said sometimes you need to have a little time with the fellas; doing things that men do.  When looking for balance in your life it is important that every once in a while you consider a "Mancation".

Mancation is a term that basically describes an outing for men only, usually entailing some travel to a place where the activities revolve around the things that guys like to do: golfing, gambling, hunting or attending a sporting event.  If you're feeling like you may not be in touch with your inner caveman a mancation may be just what the doctor ordered.

The term mancation is fairly new, picking up steam in the social consciousness a half dozen years ago as a result of movies like "The Breakup" in 2006 and 2007's "Mancation", but the reality is that all-male getaways have been around since the first cavemen left the huts on their first hunting trips.  Today many travel agencies have designed all-male vacation packages, specifically designed for the fellas to have testosterone-filled weekends of pleasure. 

Mancation Ideas

Mancations generally revolve around activities that men really enjoy that may or may not be enjoyed equally by your wife, girlfriend or family.  Some of the most common mancations include:

Golf Outings (think weekend in Arizona), Festivals/Events (special concerts, SEMA), Sports (think Super Bowl, trip to Yankee Stadium, Kentucky Derby), Gambling (Vegas, anyone?), and Hunting/FishingTrips (maybe you can even bring home dinner). 

When planning the mancation there are several websites with tips (ex: Ask Men, Travel Channel) you can search to give you some good ideas.  It also may be worthwhile to look into using a travel agent to purchase a vacation package.  The advantage here being that you can get an all-inclusive price, great hotel recommendations, and tips on how to maximize your good time.

Mancation Rules - the Basics

In order to have a successful mancation strict rules must be followed.  If not your mancation may turn into a nightmare.

Mancation shirt1. Only your most trusted friends should attend the mancation.  Let's face it, the whole point of the mancation is so that you can get away and let loose.  You have to make sure that all the people with you are willing to let "what happens on the mancation stay on the mancation".  You want to feel free to blow off a little steam, talk about our relationships, and drink (excessively if need be).  You don't want things said in an alcohol-filled outing to get back to the "mainland" where it is misunderstood or cause friction with family or friends.  You also don't want some casual friend posting compromising pictures of you on facebook with a lampshade on your head - or worse.

2. If you are back in your own bed before 24 hours it is not a mancation.  The whole point of the mancation is to get away from the daily grind.  This involves a change of environment of at least 24 hours.  With the security of a couple of hotel rooms you know that you are free to do whatever you want to all night long without time restriction or having to explain what you did that night.  Nothing kills the high of a mancation like explaining your night.

3. If required, get permission.  If you are married or have a girlfriend you must get the buy-in from her that it is ok to go on the mancation.  Without this go ahead your mancation may cause more trouble than its worth.

4. Plan your mancation around at least 1 activity.  Whether its golf, hunting, a sporting event or whatever there must be a central plan.  Without this your mancation will degenerate into a bunch of guys sitting around trying to decide what to do instead of having the good time.  This confusion usually leads to excessive drinking and the drop off of one or more fellas before you even get out the door on the first excursion.

5. Set the date early and follow the plan.  A mancation should not be confused with an impromptu outing like a meetup at a sports bar or a round of golf on a sunday.  The mancation is a step above these things and require a true getaway from the daily grind.  this means hotels must be booked, money saved, tickets purchase, etc.  These things require some lead time and must be in place for the smooth running of the mancation.

Following these 5 rules will guarantee that you have a good time with the fellas, relieve some tension and return to the grind refreshed and rejuvenated.  Your family and friends will be much happier with you and you with them, which is the desired result of any vacation.

What you need to know: 

Sightseeing is NOT part of a mancation.

Going to bed before 10:00 is forbidden on the mancation

If your wife or girlfriend "forbids" you to go on a mancation you may have trust issues or bigger problems in the relationship.

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