Alternatives to Driving Drunk on New Years Eve (or Any Other Night)

The Basics: 

No DUIMillions of people love to go out on New Years Eve and drink and party until the sun comes up.  Unfortunately there are those who don't plan out how to get home once the party has stopped, which leads to making bad driving decisions or getting rides home from other drunken strangers.  Driving home drunk is a way to ruin your life with a DUI and/or to ruin multiple lives through serious or fatal car accidents.   New Years (or any other outing) does not have to end this way.

The following are several reasonable options for getting home safely if you've had too much to drink.  Even better, most of these options (if planned out ahead of time) allow you to go out and drink as much as you want and know that your ride home is taken care of. 

Good luck and have fun!

1. Rent a Limo  If you're all dressed up for New Years Eve anyway, why not ride in style in a Limousine?  If you are going out with a group of friends splitting the cost of a limo is probably cheaper than each of you driving.  Riding in style with a little champagne in the back of a limo is a great way to start (or end) your New Years celebration.

A quick search for "limo service" on Google (or SIRI for you iPhone users) will yield multiple limo services in your area. You can also try 1-800-GET-LIMO

2. Car Service Services like Safe Rides Unlimited or SafeRide America (Atlantawill take you to your destination for as little as $15.  Best of all many of these services have partnerships with bars and clubs where you can get free admission to the party along with the service.  Safe Rides Unlimited is located in New York, Philadelphia and several other metro areas.  A quick search for Car services will yield the corresponding local service in your area.

3. Designate a Driver  Lots of commercials talk about this option, but personally I am not too keen on this one.  When you go to the party you want to have a good time and if you're a drinker - you want to drink.  Unless you have a friend who does not drink forget about this option and pick another choice where you can ALL have a good time equally.

4. Call a Friend to Get You  Terrible idea.  Why ruin his night? Do you want to get woken up at 3 in the morning by a group of drunk fools?  Try another option.

Stear Clear5. StearClear  StearClear (New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania) is a great service that provides an on-demand designated driver for your car. By requesting a drive team through the StearClear smartphone app, a team of two drivers will respond to the customer’s GPS location to drive them in their own vehicle.  Insured and professional drive teams are managed locally by StearClear franchise owners.

6. Tipsy Tow by AAA If you're really in bad shape and you don't mind the big ugly wrecker towing your car home you can always call AAA and use their Tipsy Tow service.  AAA will tow you and your car home (for free) and will usually pick you up within 30 minutes.  It may not be glamorous but at least you will be alive to party another day.

Tipsy Tow by AAA is specifically set up for holidays/special events and you DO NOT have to be a AAA member to use the service.

7. Public Transportation  Going to the club in the city means that you are probably able to take the Subway (East Coast) or BART (San Fransisco Bay Area).  The only thing to be careful about is knowing when public transportation stops running.  There is nothing worse than going to the club, coming out at sun up and realizing all public transportation has stopped.

8. Cab It  If you are going to a party in any semi-urban area you always have the opportunity to call a taxi.  It is by far the simplest mode of transportation to and from the club and if you are going with two or three people splitting the cab fare won't break your wallet.

1-800-TAXI-CAB is a quick way to find a cab service in any city. 

What you may not know: 

BreathalEyesTest Your Alcohol Content.  If you don't know if you've had too much to drink and are no safe to drive there is an iPhone app that can help you find out.  BreathalEyes is an app that measures your blood alcohol content (BAC by analyzing your eyes.  Take a picture with your phone (also available on Andriod) and the app detects and analyzes your Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus (HGN) to determine whether you are safe to drive.

What you need to know: 

Personal Preference:  Although I do recommend public transportation I would tend to stay away from buses.  For the ladies: you have a great chance of getting your dress ruined by sitting in the seat where the last passenger left his mustard-filled ham sandwich.  For the fellas: you probably have a good chance of having some drunk hobo throw up on you.

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