Looking for a Job? Try a Non-Profit

The Basics: 

Nonprofit Organization LogoWhen you're looking for a job there are usually two primary factors that are important to you:

1) The pay is what you want; and

2) The job is something that you want to do.

There certainly are many places that you can work that will fulfill those basic requirements, but many people overlook those opportunities in the non-profit sector.  In these times of greedy corporations that care more about profits than people many are turning to non-profits for a more fulfilling job experience. 

There used to be a time when people equated non-profits as places where people went to volunteer their time to help the community.  Although the community service is still a major goal of most non-profits, the days of non-paying work are over. 

Many non-profits are very well funded, hierarchical organizations with all level of employees from executive management to basic labor.  It is true that many non-profits offer internships and volunteer opportunities, but choose the right non-profit and you can start off as a volunteer and end up in a well-paying position. 

Types of Non-Profit Jobs

If you are not sure what type of non-profit you might be interested in, here is a list of some of the types of non-profit employers.  The chart on the right compares the level of salary for positions non-profit vs. for-profit.  As you can see the salary ranges are very compatible.

Nonprofit Salaries

- Educational from K-12 schools through colleges and universities

- Specialized training organizations and continuing education programs

- Trade associations and workers' unions

- Some research institutions and think tanks

- Some hospitals and clinics, but not all of them

- Religious organizations, including houses of worship

- Charities and foundations

- Federal, state and local government, including fire departments, law enforcement and the judiciary system

- Orchestras, ballets, live theater venues and casts of performers

- Museums and some galleries

How to Find a Non-Profit Job

There are many sources to look for non-profit jobs, with many of them listed among the other jobs you will find on Craigslist or Monster.com.  If you are looking for job websites that specifically list jobs in the non-profit sector try the following.

Idealist.org A very comprehensive job board with many opportunities across the country.  Easy to search for local job openings.
OpportunityKnocks.org Good job board plus a place to upload your resume for prospective employers to see
PhilanthropyJournal.org Good articles about the non-profit sector plus a national job board.  Many of the opportunities are centered in the North Carolina area
What you need to know: 

Non-profit does not mean non-payment to employees.  Most non-profits are well funded and have money to pay their employees.

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