If You Need a Good Side Hustle Check This Out

The Basics: 

Side HustleLet's face it, times are tough.  It seems like almost everybody could use a little extra income.  If you have a boss who isn't about to give you a raise any time soon then you need to look at other options.

The side hustle, or extra job on the side, could give you the extra financial boost you need.  A side hustle can get through a tough time or become a permanent part of your income stream depending on how successful you are.  If you're looking for some ideas for your side hustle we have some ideas and websites that can help you get started.

Become a Tutor If you were fortunate enough to finish high school (with good grades) you are probably qualified to be a tutor.  There are many young kids who are struggling these days and a couple of hours a day three times a week will help them out and line your pockets.  Depending on the child and financial situation of the parents you could earn anywhere from $15 to $75/hour.

Wash Cars Patrol your neighborhood one evening and count the number of dirty cars you see on the street.  A simple knock on the door and asking if they need a car wash is one of the easiest ways to get your side hustle going.  If you do a good job on a custom car wash you could earn at least $10 or $20 per car.  Do 5 cars a day and that could be a quick $100 bucks.

Be a Party Planner Times may be tough but people still want to party.  Helping to plan the party, get all the supplies and invite the guests is a great side hustle for the person who likes to organize events.  With this side hustle you can name your price and if you're lucky you might get a few free cases of beer or wine out of the deal.

If you're the type of person who likes to cook maybe you could be a Caterer for parties.  Again, a good side hustle for someone who likes to stick toothpicks into mini hot dogs.

These are just a few of many ideas for the side hustle.  Websites that specialize in providing ideas are all over the web.  Here are three of our favorites.

The Hustler's Notebook - JK Allen's website contains lots of tips on making maney, being entrepreneurial and yes getting your side hustle on.  He keeps it real on the website and doesn't waste your tie with vague examples.  He speaks a lot from personal experience and will definitely give you great ideas while motivating you to take on all things business.

Rise and Grind - There is no shortage of side hustle ideas on Rise and Grind.  The format is unique and creative - what you would expect from a person who thinks "outside of the box".  Each article is displayed as a large graphic.  Clicking on the picture will give you a summary of the article and the approximate reading time (so great for a person who doesn't want to waste time!). 

Budgets are Sexy - The Side Hustle Series - I really like this series because it gives you a list of side hustles actually performed by real people.  Each mini-article describes the side hustle, how they got into it and how things worked out.  There are lots of articles so you are sure to get some good ideas.

Making money on the side is not easy, but much of the success is based on the time you put into it and how creative you are.  Hopefully this article will ignite your business spirit and help you get started in a profitable money-making venture.

What you need to know: 

If you start making big money on the side hustle you may have to paying taxes on your income.  Keep good track of your work just in case you need to document your income later. To avoid this problem keep your side hustle on a "cash only" basis.

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