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The Black Man Survival Guide website exists to help black men, women and the African American community succeed and prosper. Together we can help each other to be better fathers and better men. Our survival is based on what you find and more importantly what you add if its not here. is a Community Project and only works with your help.  As one of the few African American websites we are an online  magazine designed to help black men and women help ourselves and help each other
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A black man is more than 5 times more likely to die of homicide than a white man.

According to the CDC Homicide is the 3rd leading killer of black men in America. Check out the rest of the top 10 here:

Centers For Disease Control 2007 Study

Help for Black Men (Latest Survival Guide Topics)

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black man in life preserver shirtThe following are the most recent Survival Guide topics.  Some of these topics are particularly relevant to black men, black fathers, or the black community in general, but much of the information in these articles can and should be used by anyone looking to save money, accomplish goals, or generally improve their quality of life.  AfroDaddy is not exclusively a website for black men and we firmly believe that all men and women should be happy and prosperous.

We are writing Survival Guide topics as fast as we can and more are coming.  If you have a suggestion that you don't see on the website, please email us

The Latest...

Where to Buy Your Work Clothes at a Discount

The Basics: 

black man in suitCongratulations!  You've just got your first white collar job.  No more asking "do you want fries with that?".  You're now moving up the business ladder, working in an office environment with big hopes for the future. 

After you land that first office job there are several things that you need to do in preparing for your daily trips to work.  Of course you need to learn your job so you can contribute, but you also need to look the part so that people can clearly see that you belong.  Finding clothes for work does not have to be a daunting task, but if you don't spend your money wisely you can go broke before you get your first few paychecks.

How to Get Rid of a Hangover

The Basics: 

Hangover dogLast night was great!  Lots of fun to be had and drinking for all.  You managed to make it home safely, even though the the car ride home felt more like a roller coaster ride at Disneyland instead of a short cab ride.  You sink into bed (once it stops spinning) and pray for sleep to come quickly.

Once the next morning hits however, the alcohol strikes back like a scorned lover!  The dreaded hangover has arrived, complete with thumping head, dry mouth and much irritation.  This article will give you some tried and true tips to get rid of that hangover and maybe even some ways to prevent it in the first place.

Cable TV is an Overpriced Scam but there are Other Options

The Basics: 

Cable TV ScamWhen many families go through their monthly bills they find that cable TV is one of the biggest household expenses.  Only a few decades ago cable was a great new thing that exposed people to channels and programming never seen before.  Over the last 10 or 15 years however cable has been monopolized by a few major companies (think Comcast) and have forced millions of people to buy into overpriced bundles of services and channels that we don't really need.

With the rise of YouTube, and online TV, cable is no longer the only way to watch programming.  In this article we examine what you really get for the money with cable and hopefully convince some that there are other ways to watch your movies, videos and programs at a much better price.

Drive-In Movies - Old School Dating in the 21st Century

The Basics: 

Drive In CoupleFor many, the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the the word "drive-in" is a 1950's car with two young teenagers watching a black and white movie.  It is true that drive-ins reached the peak of their popularity in the 50's and 60's but they still exist today and many people still use them.

For those looking for a different dating experience a drive-in may be a fun dating option. Many of the remaining older drive ins have been renovated and new drive-ins have actually been built in both rural areas and major cities.   Today's drive-ins offer the traditional popcorn and snacks, but many offer full scale meals; creating a brand new twist on the "dinner and a movie" experience.

How to Save 50% or More on Your Cell Phone Bill

The Basics: 

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Black Man on Cell PhoneIn the 21st Century most Americans cannot live without their cell phones and rightfully so.  The cell phone is the simplest and most efficient way to always be in communication with friends and family, and it is a necessary device to have in case of emergency when traveling, driving or just performing day-to-day functions.  The problem is that the major carriers (Sprint, At&T, etc.) know this and are substantially overcharging users. 

Because only a handful of companies dominate the industry they have a monopoly and use their power to fix prices; using long-term contracts to rope you into monthly bills that can destroy your budget, and your credit.  There are things you can do to ensure that you get the best deal possible on your cell phone.  this article outlines some of those methods.

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411 Articles contain African American news topics that are relevant to our community.  News sources include local black men's magazines, newspapers, black websites, African American bloggers and other community media outlets.  Of course, some of the articles here are created by staff.

There are many powerful voices out there that alot of us aren't exposed to.  If you are one of those voices and you want to be heard on our site or the Newsletter, contact to become a contributor.

The Black Man Survival Guide Daily contains some of the best African American news and blog posts from around the web.  Content is updated daily and includes posts from featured content providers to include:

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The Latest...

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Bank of America Forced to Pay $335 Million to Exploited African Americans

Bank of AmericaAt least 200,000 African Americans and Latino families were victims of unfair lending practices used by Countrywide Financial.  Now owned by Bank of America, the bank will begin giving victims some restitution.

From 2004 to 2008 hundreds of thousands of African America and Latino families were targets of unscrupulous bankers who steered minorities into subprime loans with higher interest rates.  Many of these riskier, high interest rate loans had balloon payment clauses and other terms that made it almost impossible for many people to keep their homes.  The result was foreclosure for millions of African Americans and was a major contributor to the mortgage meltdown and financial collapse of 2008.

It's Official: Weakling Democrats Cave on Payroll Tax Cut

Harry Reid CongressWith nearly 80% of registered democratic support and over 60% of support of the general population Democrats manage once again to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory by caving in on the president's Payroll Tax Cut legislation.  Agreeing on only a two-month extension (instead of 12 months), and not including any surtax on millionaires, Democrats once again show why they are too weak to stand up to Republicans even when Republicans don't have the majority support of the American people.

Tiger Woods Wins First Golf Tournament in 2 Years

Tiger Woods holds Chevron World Challenge TrophyAfter all of his personal troubles; the divorce, the affairs, the scandal, the lost endorsements, Tiger Woods is back where he belongs - the winners circle. 

On Sunday, Tiger Woods did wnat he hasn't been able to do in nearly two years, he came from behind to win on Sunday in a PGA Tour event.  Down by one stroke with two to play Tiger sunk two birdies to clinch the win at The Chevron World Challenge. "Joy, satisfaction or relief" were the words that Woods used to describe his feelings after the victory.

Food Stamps and the ‘Near Poor’ - How to Make Ends Meet in 2011

African American woman and child shop49.1 million Americans are below the poverty line —$24,343 for a family of four.  An additional 51 million are in the new category “near poor”; those with incomes less than 50 percent above the poverty line (source U.S. census).

For both categories of Americans food stamps under the SNAP program are a necessary source of income to battle hunger.

NBA Owners and Players Reach Tentative Deal to End Lockout

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NBA Lockout Over?Just after we added the NBA to our “biggest turkeys of the year” list it looks like they might get removed.  After two years of negotiation and 149 days of a lockout it looks like the NBA owners and players have come to a tentative agreement to start the 2011 NBA season.

The details of the deal were not disclosed but it appears that there is a handshake deal in place that would allow for the playing of a 66-game schedule that would include the crucial Christmas Day games that fans have come to expect every year.

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Top 10 FavaoritesThe following are links to some of our reader favorite articles for black men.  Whether it’s finding a list of your favorite black websites, top black blogs, a list of African American vegetarians or ways to get rich these articles and links are the ones you like the most.  If you have a favorite article that’s not listed here, Like it, Tweet it or Share it and it may show up.

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