NBA Fathers and Sons

Doc and Austin RiversNothing makes a father more proud than when a son follows in his father's footsteps.  When your father is an NBA player however those multi-million dollar footsteps are some tough shoes to fill.

It is rare that the son of an former NBA player also makes it into the league, but it is not as rare as you would think.  In fact there have been at least 30 of these circumstances in the history of the NBA.  Today we spotlight some of the best father and son NBA tandems and salute them all for their individual and collective hard work.

Glenn and Austin RiversGlenn "Doc" Rivers - Austin Rivers

The newest to the group, Austin Rivers is the latest to follow his father Glenn "Doc" Rivers into the NBA.  Drafted #10 by the New Orleans Hornets Austin shows a lot of promise. 

If his career is half as good as his father's he should be very proud.

Doc averaged 11 points per game over his 14-year career and has been an NBA champion and current coach of the Boston Celtics.


Dell Curry Stephen CurryDell Curry - Stephen Curry

One thing is for sure, Dell Curry passed on the "shooting gene" to little Steph.  For 14 years Dell Curry was one of the most feared shooters in the league, launching bombs for the Charlotte Hornets. 

Although his son Stephen has only been in the league for a few years it looks like Steph Curry may be as good a shooter as his father. 

Already a champion on the world stage in 2010, bay area fans are hopeful that he may be the one to bring a chamionship to the Golden State Warriors.


Rick Barry - Brent, Drew, Jon: 

Rick Barry, Brent Barry Jon Barry and Drew BarryRick Barry is definitely the winner of the "most kids in the NBA" contest with three: Brent, Drew and Jon.  Although all three sons played well in their respective careers (Drew, not so much), it was dad who outshined them all. 

Rick Barry averaged 23 points per game in 10 NBA seasons and 30 pointes per game in 5 years in the ABA.  He is one of the top 50 players in NBA history and is third all time in free throw percentage at an astounding 90% career average.

Henry Bibby Mike BibbyHenry Bibby - Mike Bibby

Henry Bibby was a scrappy, hard-nosed point guard who spent most of his 10 year career leading teams to the NBA Finals.  He won one title with the Knicks in 1973, but lost twice in 1977 and 1980 while a Sixer.

Mike Bibby plays with the same hard edge and shooting skill as his father but has yet to capture that elusive title.  He had his best chances with some great Sacramento Kings teams in the 2000's and recently with the Heat a year ago. 

Even without a title Mike Bibby has had a great career averaging 15 points and 5.5 assists over a 14-year career.

Kobe Bryant Jellybean BryantJoe "Jellybean" Bryant - Kobe Bryant

Certainly the most accomplished son of all the father and son tandems, Kobe Bryant has exceeded any hoop dreams his father ever had.  A 5-time NBA champion, 14-time All-Star, two-time Finals MVP and multiple scoring champion Kobe has represented the Lakers with distinction for 15 years.

As good as Kobe is, his father was no slouch either, averaging 8.7 points and 4 rebounds per game playing 8 NBA seasons before moving on to the Italian League where the young Kobe was born.

Other Notable NBA Fathers and Sons

Ronald Brewer - Ronnie: Ronald Brewer averaged 11 points per game for his career.  His son Ronnie seems on pace to do about the same.  Starting with the Jazz in '06 and currently with the Bulls, Ronnie is a scrappy defender and a solid rebounder.

Mike Dunleavy - Mike: Senior Mike was a solid ballplayer and an even more steady NBA coach.  Mike Jr. came into the league with high expectations as a top-10 pick from Duke, but after 10 years in the league at 12 points per game has yet to lead any of his teams to a championship.

Wes Matthews - Wesley: Both Wes and Wesley are solid pros, with young Wesley exhibiting great potential.  With a little work Wesley (a 3-year pro) could move from a 13-point per game player to a 20-point per game scorer.

Stan Love - Kevin: Stan Love only played four years inthe NBA.  Kevin will play 3 times as many of his career stays on track.  Improving dramatically every year, Kevin Love is a rebounding machine with an incredible three-point shot.

Jimmy Walker - Jalen Rose

Jimmy Walker Jalen Rose

Jimmy Walker was a Number 1 pick in 1967 and averaged 16.7 points in his career.  His son Jalen was one of the "fab-five" at Michigan and went on to have a solid career, averaging 14 points per game for his career.  The tragedy of this combo is that Jalen never met his father face-to-face (although he did speak to him for the first time as an adult.

Bill Walton - Luke: Bill Walton was one of the best college players in history at UCLA.  He won an NBA championship but ws plagued by injuries as a pro.  Luke Walton is following in his daddies footsteps as an injury-plagued NBA champion.  Unfortunately the Hall of Fame is a pipe dream for young Luke (unlike his Hall of Fame dad).

Dolph Schayes - Danny: Dolph Shayes is on of the top-50 players in NBA history and a solid Hall of Famer.  His son Danny was not quite as accomplished but did play an astonishing 18 years in the NBA, averaging 7.7 points per game.

Jim Paxson - John, Jim:  Another twofer, Jim Paxson had two of the best shooting sones in the NBA.  John Paxson is the more remembered star as he was fortunate to play with Michael Jordan and hit game winning shots for the Bulls.  Jim may have been the better overall player but both have turned out to be pretty good executives.

Gerald Henderson - Gerald: Gerald Sr. may have been small but he was a solid pro, playing 13 years in the NBA on several teams including the Boston Celtics.  Young Gerald has yet to make his mark, but as a third-year player (from Duke) he has some time.

Ed Manning - Danny: Ed Manning was a solid pro who played in both the NBA And ABA.  Danny Manning was heralded as the next coming when he graduated from Kansas.  Although he played well in the pros he never materialzed as the dominant force as anticipated, only averaging 14 points per game over his 10-year career.

Gerald Wilkens - Damien: Gerald Wilkins (brother of Dominque Wilkins) was a high-flying guard for the Knicks and Cavaliers.  Damien Wilkins appears to have the genetics of his dad and uncle, but hasn't really shown much at the NBA level.  He currently is bouncing from team to team and averaging only 6 points per game for his career.

The Best of the Rest

Milt Wagner - Dajuan, 

Scott May - Sean, 

Patrick Ewing - Patrick, 

John Lucas - John

Wayne Chapman - Rex

Bob Ferry - Danny

George Karl - Coby

Ernie Vandeweghe - Kiki

Matt Goukas - Matt 

Rich Dumas - Richard

Earle Higgins - Sean

Bill Hosket - Bill

Pete Mount - Rick

Walt Piatkowski - Eric

Walt Szczerbiak - Wally

David Vaughn & David Vaughn III

Brett Vroman - Jackson

Tito Horford - Al

Terry Davis - Ed

Mychal Thompson - Klay

Derek Smith - Austin

Darren Daye – Austin

Wali Jones - Askia

Press Maravich - Pete

Al McGuire - Allie

George Mikan - Larry

Butch Van Breda Kolff - Jan


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