10 Great Websites for Black Vegetarians and Vegans

The Basics: 

VegetablesThere is no doubt that adopting a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle is a very healthy approach to how to eat food and how to nurture the earth.  Throughout history some of the world’s most creative, talented and athletic people have been vegetarians.  From Bob Marley to Edwin Moses, people have shown that there is no loss in happiness, health, inspiration and athleticism when one decides to go meatless.  With that being said it is estimated that only 2% of the population can be classified as vegetarian.  An even smaller subset of this group are black vegetarians whom although there are many, they are not necessarily readily available to ask questions about the lifestyle or the community.  We have created this post identifying 10 website resources you can use to find other black vegetarians and vegans in order to learn about the lifestyle, commune with, find recipes and get motivation.  There are certainly other great resources out there, but this should give you a decent start.

.By Any Greens NecessaryBy Any Greens Necessary This one could be on the list just for the title alone, but outside of the snappy monicker this site has some really good information.  Run by celebrated author Tracye McQuirter, her blog contains a nice blend of articles about recipes, topical health issues and human interest stories.  Tracye’s book (same title as the website) is also a great read and can be purchased from her site.

Naptural Love vegetarian datingNaptural Love Naptural love is a dating site for black vegetarians.  The site is built on the fact that many black vegetarians want to date people who eat, think, and look like them.  The site seems fairly new and doesn’t have too many members yet but maybe with a little bit of publicity It might really catch on.

SoulVegFolk An online social network for black vegetarians and vegans.  The site was founded in 2008 and currently has over 3400 members.  The site is part blog, part video (via SoulVegFolk TV and part social network and  has many contributors to include well known food activist and chef Bryant Terry, the co-author of Grub: Ideas for an Urban Organic Kitchen and Vegan Soul Kitchen.

Logo Vegetarian USAVegetarianUSA The Vegetarian Travel Guide at VegetarianUSA.com is one of the world's most popular vegetarian travel and has been online since May 2000. The site features free US city & state guides including vegetarian and vegan restaurants, health food stores, budget-conscious natural co-ops, vegetarian and vegan potlucks, organic farms, and yoga centers. Plus exclusive articles, vacations around the world, a calendar of events, and lots more.  If you’re looking to travel and maintain your health while you do, you should consider visiting this site. You might also want to coordinate your use of this site with the African American focused travel site Soul of America.

Logo VegWebVegWeb One of the biggest vegetarian website around, VegWeb contains over 15,000 recipes.  The site also contains numerous articles, coupons for discounts on food, and a forum where you can interact with other vegetarians and vegans.

Frugivore logoFrugivore Frugivore is an online magazine that contains a wide range of articles on healthy living as well as articles about vegetarianism and vegans.  One of the cool features on the site is the Black Male Vegetarian Series and the Black Female Vegetarian series where both feature profiles of real vegetarians talking about their experiences with the vegetarian lifestyle.  It is always good to see real life people tell their stories and this site provides a great look at being a vegetarian from the perspective of real African Americans.

 The Vegetarian Athlete Photo 

The Vegetarian Athlete If you need a little motivation and you’re not sure if the vegetarian lifestyle is conducive to success in sports, The Vegetarian Athlete is the website for you.  The site features vegetarian athlete Londale Theus and discusses his training regimen, eating habits, and nutritional lifestyle.  The site also has links to famous vegetarian athletes just to give you a little extra motivation.  The parent site 21st Century Vegetarians is also a good read and has even more information about the Theus family and their vegetarian lifestyle.

eHow logo how to be a soul food vegetarianeHow How to Be a Soul Food Vegetarian – I am not a big eHow fan and certainly do not consider this a definitive tome on how to be a vegetarian but I include this here because it is the every man explanation of how to convert from eating meat to becoming a vegetarian.  Almost anyone can relate to this basic explanation and it should provide a good start for someone thinking of taking the leap.

Vegans of Color logoVegans of Color A great blog about the vegan lifestyle that also covers other issues.   The blog is kept up to date and has a great following.  If you are interested in finding other African American blogs by vegans or just looking for other sites about veganism in general, be sure to check out their blog roll.  Also while you are there and are the giving sort you can support Sistah Vegan currently doing some very important work in the study and practice of veganism in society.

20 Black Vegetarians You May Know In case you want to see who some other African American vegetarians and vegans are you can check out this link on the site.  You don't have to be famous to be a vegetarian, but it is quite amazing how so many influential people in history subscribe to the lifestyle.

The list above is just 10 of many great vegetarian and vegan websites.  If you have a website that you think people should know about, please add it in the comments. 

What you may not know: 

There are several black vegetarian society chapters across the US to include:

Texas, New York, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, and North Carolina

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