Why Pay for Cable When You Can Watch TV Online for Free?

The Basics: 

online tvWant to find an easy way to cut your monthly budget? Try eliminating cable and instead watch your TV and movies online.

There are many websites that offer your favorite television shows free online with limited commercials and entirely on demand. In addition, many movies (older and current) are available free of charge.

If you are a sports fan you probably have more options online than you do with cable because cable is regionalized, while the Internet is region independent.

Advantages to online TV:

You can watch whatever you want whenever you want instead of waiting for the designated show time that cable dictates.  You can start and stop whenever you like, in addition to having the ability to rewind and pause according to your schedule.

There is much less (if any) commercial programming with online tv shows.

Online TV and movie programming is free. Cable subscriptions cost anywhere from $50 to $300 per month.

Many internet TV providers have web exclusive videos that you aren’t shown on cable TV

Most of the major cable channel offers their programs free online (ABC, NBC, Fox, USANetwork, etc.)

Major sports games (NBA, NFL, MLB, NCAA basketball, etc.) can be found online in real time

Disadvantage to online TV:

If you have pre-teens they may be disappointed. Many of the shows on Cartoon Network and the Disney Channel are not available online

You may not be able to order those $60 pay-per-view boxing matches, but if you’re able to afford those you probably don’t need a survival guide.

Some popular online TV sites:

FreeTvOnline.com – movies, TV shows

Hulu.com – movies, TV shows

My P2P – sports (check out the instructions on eHow






Helpful tip: When looking for free TV shows online you should get as close to the direct source as possible. If you are looking for the television show “House” you should go to FoxTV.com. The further you are removed from the source the more likely the site you are streaming from is infringing on the copyright of the show’s creators.

What you may not know: 

Many TVs allow you to connect your laptop to your television to view your shows on your TV but the source is your computer instead of Comcast or your cable provider.

What you need to know: 

Not all free online TV sites have the legal rights and access to the shows that they are linked to. Out of respect for the artists that create the shows you should avoid these sites and read any disclaimers on the sites before you use them.

Many free movie sites are scam sites designed to get you to enter your personal information so they can bombard you with ads to sell you products and/or to sign you up for paid services. Any site that require you to sign up for one or more free offers before you get to your TV show or movie is a site you want to avoid. The initial offers may be free but there is usually an automatic charge that kicks in, cancellation is very difficult and in the worst scenarios you could become a victim of identity theft or fraud.

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