Survival Guide Budget eBook LogoThe Black Man Survival Guide Budget e-book

The Black Man Survival Guide is all about helping African Americans succeed and prosper.  To accomplish this we need a budget and a financial plan to take care of yourself and your family.  This e-book consolidates key articles from the website into a simple e-book that represents a financial success plan that anyone can follow.

The Top 3 Reasons to Get this e-Book

1. How to Live Well Without Being Rich

Get a workable budget that anyone with a minimum income can use to support yourself and your family - without food stamps or government aid.

2. Where the Best Deals Are

Identify the tips and tricks to reduce cost, limit debt and get the best deals on the “real” products and services we need to survive and prosper.

3. How to Avoid the Corporate Traps

Identify the corporate traps and pitfalls that put so many of us in debt and get the strategies to avoid them. Because we all don't need to make the same mistakes!

This e-book is for us, by us and we value your input.  If you want to contribute, just let us know

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Together we can survive and prosper.  That is our mission and our goal.