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Relax and Relate covers many areas from things to do alone or with friends, to things to do with the family.  Areas of special focus are parenting, school and family as these are crucial to any successful community.  In addition, there are several topics related to relaxation and entertainment for men to include socializing and recreation.  Finally, this section covers all things related to relationships from dating to sex, marriage and divorce.

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  1. Alternatives to Driving Drunk on New Years Eve (or Any Other Night)

    The Basics: 

    No DUIMillions of people love to go out on New Years Eve and drink and party until the sun comes up.  Unfortunately there are those who don't plan out how to get home once the party has stopped, which leads to making bad driving decisions or getting rides home from other drunken strangers.  Driving home drunk is a way to ruin your life with a DUI and/or to ruin multiple lives through serious or fatal car accidents.   New Years (or any other outing) does not have to end this way.

    The following are several reasonable options for getting home safely if you've had too much to drink.  Even better, most of these options (if planned out ahead of time) allow you to go out and drink as much as you want and know that your ride home is taken care of. 

    Good luck and have fun!

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