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  1. The Wok is Your Friend

    The Basics: 

    Wok and Stir Fry If you want to have a healthy diet you have to include vegetables.  If you want to cook vegetables one of the healthiest ways to eat them are raw or lighly cooked or steamed.  For those times when you actually want to cook your vegetables a wok is a perfect tool.  Not only can you use the wok to prepare healthy and flavorful vegetables, you can also use your wok to prepare your meats, vegetables and starch all in the same amazing pot.

    Although many equate a wok solely with Chinese cooking, the wok can be used to prepare all types of dishes.  It cooks food quickly, helps preserve nutrients, allows for single pot cooking, and best of all it is easy to clean.  After you buy one you may find that it is the most used pot in the kitchen.

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