Fatherhood: A Resource for Black Fathers and the African American Family

black father and sonAs a Black Man one of the most important things you can do in your life is to be a good father to your children. Black fathers are getting a lot of grief these days and in many cases rightfully so.

This website is not about bashing black fathers, and you will not see a lot of articles here citing statistics about absentee fathers, deadbeat dads and the like.This website is about survival and solutions so let’s learn together how to be better fathers for our kids.

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Black Fathers - The Latest...

  1. Keeping Our Kids Away from the Prison System

    Black Youth in PrisonIt is extremely important to keep our children out of legal trouble at an early age as dumb mistakes as a youth can come back to haunt them later in life.  In California, the three strikes law has resulted int he 25 to life sentence of thousands of people, many for non-violent offenses.  Two childhood convictions for seemingly small crimes like shoplifting, or joyriding in a car are seen by the "system" as "robbery and ""grand theft auto".  A third conviction for something as simple as drug possession or forgery could land your child in jail with a minimum 25 to life.

    Although the recent election has modified the California three strikes law there is is still grave danger in getting involved in the prison system including the loss of years, abuse in prison, extended sentences and even death.

Articles for Black Fathers

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Black Fathers - Recommended Reading

Below are a few recommended selections for fathers new and old.  For more books for black men and in particular fathers please check out "10 Books for African American Fathers" as well as the books located in the AfroStore.

Championship Fathering Championship Fathering by Carey Casey. This African American father and leader is the founder of the National Center for Fathering. His book focuses on being a good father and contains many sports references to keep us interested. Read more...
Dad Labs Guide to Fatherhood DadLabs (TM) Guide to Fatherhood by Clay Nichols, Brad Powell, Troy Lanier and Owen Egerton.  Comedy meets parenting for the dads who need parenting advice for real situations that all dads go through. Read more...
I am a father I am a Father by David Manuel. Stories from youth about successful black fathers. Positive reinforcement for African American dads doing the "right thing". Read more...
Single Black Fathers The Best Kept Secret: Single Black Fathers by Roberta L. Coles.  Discussing the single black fathers who take care of their kids.  Certainly a minority and truly the unsung heroes in America. Read more...
God has smiled on me God Has Smiled On Me: A Tribute to a Black Father Who Stayed and A Tribute to All Black Fathers Who Stay by Daniel Whyte III. I think the title says it all.  Read more...
The New Dad's Survival Guide The New Dad's Survival Guide: Man-to-Man Advice for First-Time Fathers by Scott Mactavish.  "You are not the only one". The experiences that many new fathers face, with humor. Read more...
The Pocket Idiot's Guide to Being an Expectant Father by Joe Kelly.  Getting ready for the new child in your life. For dads. Read more...
Dysfunctional Father's Guide to Pregnancy Dysfunctional Father's Guide to Pregnancy, Birth and Babies by David Shaw. How to navigate the before and the immediate after of childbirth and fatherhood.  Humor and advice for new fathers.  read more...
Black Fathers in Contemporary Society Black Fathers in Contemporary American Society: Strengths, Weaknesses, and Strategies for Change by Obie Clayton (editor), Ronald B. Mincy (editor), David Blankenhorn (editor). A discussion on the impact of black fatherhood and the absence thereof by a collection of black scholars Read more...
Whatever Happened to Daddy's Little Girl Whatever Happened to Daddy's Little Girl?: The Impact of Fatherlessness on Black Women by Jonetta Rose Barras.  This last book is for you and “her”, her being your girlfriend, wife or any other woman you know who has grown up in a single-mother household.  Being without a father has definite impacts on young girls and this book talks about those. Read more...