Gucci Outlet vs Gucci Store – How to Save Big Money on Name Brand Gear

The Basics: 

Gucci HoodieGiven the choice between having nice name brand gear and generic gunnysacks to wear, most people would choose to have the name brands.  In this material age even the poor and jobless still want to walk around with the “Gucci this” and “Nike that”.  Sure the quality and style of the clothing is high, but the reality is that you are paying a premium just for the name. 

There is a way however to get the name brand clothing at 40% to 70% less than what you would pay at the mall.   Shopping at outlet stores is the way to get name brand clothing and shoes at rock bottom prices.

What is an outlet store?

An outlet store is a retail store owned by a single company that sells their clothes and products directly to the public.  Because the store sells direct they can avoid the 30% plus markup that a department store charges to carry their products.  By selling direct the outlet store passes those savings on to its customers which means that you get the name brand clothing at a fraction of the price.

Often you will find several outlet stores grouped together in an outlet mall.  Nike, Gucci, Gap, Fendi, etc. will all have individual stores lined up waiting for you to go in and save anywhere from 20% to 70% on the same product you would find at a traditional department store (think Macy’s) in the big malls.

List of popular outlet stores

According to there are at least 1200 outlet stores to choose from.   Below is a sample of some of the brand name outlet stores available. 

Adidas Brooks Brothers DKNY Gucci Nordstrom Rack Puma
American Eagle Calvin Klein Fendi Movado Penney's Timberland
Armani Coach Fossil Nike Prada Versace

How to find them

Finding out where your closest outlet stores are is easy thanks to Google.  Just enter the name of your store followed by “outlet store location” and Google will return a list of stores in your area.

 Outlet Store Locator Google 

Have fun shopping and put that extra cash to good use!

What you may not know: 

Many outlet stores carry odd sizes or discontinued items that may not have sold well to the general public.  If you are looking for a cool item that you saw at the store a few weeks ago and it’s no longer there, check the outlet store.  You just may find it.

What you need to know: 

Use Google to find out if your favorite brand has an outlet store and the location.  To find a list of all outlet stores, check

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