CNN: Who Is Black In America? Really?!?

CNN Black In AmericaI originally had such high hopes for the CNN series Black In America.  Finally there was a platform on a national news outlet that was going to tackle issues directly related to Black people in America.  Indeed the first episode did a good job educating both white and black America about certain aspects of the black experience.  Several of the subsequent episodes however, have left me wanting.

This latest installment "Who is Black in America" critically highlights how far the show has stumbled from its lofty beginning.  CNN has gone from discussing relevant African American issues to now spending an hour trying to tell us we don't know who is black.

What Obama Has Done For America - The Final Argument

Obama BidenFor those of you who are STILL on the fence as to whether you should vote for President Obama we present an excellent video that makes a very effective closing argument. 

Often times Republican pundits try to make the case that President Obama cannot run on his record.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  In fact President Obama has a significant list of accomplishments that make him one of the most successful presidents in history. 

If after all the campaigning, commercials, this video and other media bombardment you still think you want to sit at home and not vote, or God forbid want to vote for Romney/Ryan There are a host of articles at the end of this post to refer to that may finally sway your opinion.

How to Silence a Revolution

Black Man in prisonWhen a major change needs to be made revolution is usually the way it is accomplished.  America was founded on revolution and it is our ability to rise up against injustice that keeps the country moving forward toward a "more perfect union".  The Civil Rights movement of the 1960's was revolutionary for African Americans as the seeds of change were sown by both the non-violent methods of Dr. Martin Luther King as well as the more aggressive efforts of Malcolm X and The Black Panther Party of Self Defense. 

Unfortunately for African Americans the revolution was cut short by the killing of our revolutionary leaders.  Those who were not killed were imprisoned; locked away from society and even further, isolated from other prisoners.  This is the way to kill a revolution: kill the leaders and silence the voices of those still alive.

July 4th - Celebrate the Present, but Understand the Past

July 4th FlagToday is the Fourth of July and as I pondered what to write about my mind kept reverting back to the basic and most obvious question – What significance should the 4th of July have for African Americans? 

For many people in this country (including me) July 4th is simply a day to watch fireworks and eat barbecue.  For this majortiy, the true meaning of the holiday is completely lost.  Like Christmas is all about toys and Easter is all about rabbits and eggs (WTF), the true meaning of Independence Day is gone; replaced by commercialism, sales at the mall and a day to sleep in before hitting the grill.

Juneteenth - Celebrating Black Emancipation Day

Juneteenth PosterThere are precious few holidays in this country that celebrate and acknowledge the Black experience in America.  Juneteenth is one of them.

Juneteenth represents the day that African Americans celebrate as the “official” end of slavery.  In yet another misleading chapter in our American History books, the Emancipation Proclamation signed by President Lincoln in 1863 did not free all the slaves.  Instead it was not until two years later when word reached Galveston Texas on June 19th 1865 that slavery was over.  This June 19th (Juneteenth for short) has become the day that African Americans celebrate a rebirth in this country.

Top 10 Best Rappers of all Time

top 10 rappers in hip hopI am a big fan of hip hop and like so many other people I recognize its place in music history.  Unfortunately like so many other musical styles the corporate machine has infiltrated hip hop and in some cases watered it down and in other cases turned it against its own people. 

Today we forget about the negative and celebrate the best of hip hop and present the top 10 best rappers of all time.  There are 4 elements that were consider when choosing the top 10 rappers. Each act on the list has created music with a message and has stood the test of time.  Some have had more commercial success than others but they all have created songs that are as strong and relevant today as the day they made them.

Black History - Cartoon Style

FBI Cartoon

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Black History: 5 Black Pioneer Athletes you may have never heard of

Black HistoryMost people know that Jackie Robinson was the first African American to integrate Major League Baseball, but there is far too little coverage and acknowledgement of other black athletes who have had famous firsts or were pioneers who integrated other sports.  From basketball to tennis to bicycling African Americans had to break the color barrier, often times facing extreme hardship to include prejudice, death threats and physical violence. 

Today we salute 5 of these inspirational black people who not only integrated their sports, but often performed at record breaking high levels.

Black History: Honoring The Black Panther Party

Black Panther Party - MenSo far I have had a pretty good life and all things considered I have no regrets except for one: I wish that I could have been born about 20 years earlier so that I could have been a member of The Black Panther Party. 

The Black Panthers of the 1960's was an organization that epitomized everything that I believe in: standing up for your rights, supporting community, questioning authority, economic uplifting and discipline.  Founded by Huey Newton and Bobby Seale in 1966, the Black Panthers were as instrumental in the Civil Rights movement as Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and any of the myriad of organizations and civil rights groups of the time.  As part of this Black History Month in 2012 we salute the efforts of the Panthers and let the world know that we have not forgotten.

Black History: The Black Panther Party Ten Point Plan

Black Panther Party Huey NewtonThe Black Panther Party was one of the most influential civil rights groups of the 1960’s and early 1970’s.  One of the things that made them so popular and their movement so strong was their clear description of their demands and the approach they took to try to achieve those goals.  The Black Panther Party approach begins and ends with the Ten Point Plan, which outlined the demands for change to be instituted in America.

Although there has been much progress in America since the Ten Point Plan was first created in 1966, there are still many things yet to be done to create a true and equitable America for ALL people: Black, White and Brown.  As we celebrate Black History Month, let us remember the Ten Points, honor the leaders who created them, and do what we can to bring about social and financial equity in America.