Costs Money

25% of all Americans in their 20s live without medical insurance of any kind.

One broken leg could destroy your finances - permanently.  Getting insurance is important (and in 2014 it will be the law of the land).

National Institute of Health

A Visit to an Emergency Room, can cost can 10 times as much as a trip to the Local Free Clinic.

Using the Emergency Room as your health care plan will only drive you into the poor house.  Every major city has a Free Clinic and other health care options. 

CBS News

"Value Meals" are Ripoffs - Corporations Get Rich and You Get Fat

The Basics: 

Fat Kids at McDonaldsYou've got $10 in your pocket and it's lunchtime so you decide to spend $5 on a burger and a coke.   Against your better judgement you decide to go to a fast food place because you know you can get a burger and a coke from McDonald's for under $5.  You pull into the drive thru and scan the menu wall of pretty pictures of fries and big juicy burgers and before you know it you're ordering by number instead of by name - "Let me get a number 2".

"Would you like cheese with that?" Cha-ching

"Would you like to make it a large?" Cha-ching

"Want to add a pie for $1 dollar more?" Cha-ching

"Your total is $9.50.  Please pull up to the window"

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5% of Americans account for over 50% of US health care costs

Figuring out how to lower the costs for cancer care, alzheimers, etc will dramatically reduce the cost for health insurance and treatment for ALL of us. Watch this video for more

MSNBC - Dylan Ratigan Show

After a bankruptcy you are still eligible for credit cards and loans

Bankruptcy doesn't mean you aren't able to get credit. After bankruptcy most people are bombarded by banks and others with offers for Mastercards, Visas and car loans.  Don't take them as credit debt is probably what caused the mess in the first place.

Money Magazine

70,533 Mortgage “Fraudclosure” cases (where banks cheated consumers) were reported in 2011

This number of fraudulent foreclosures is up 11% since 2008. The Massachusetts Attorney General is suing the 5 biggest lenders: BofA, JP Morgan, Citbank, Wells Fargo and GMAC to help get our money back.

Massachusetts Attorney General

Western Union Charges 10% or more to do basically nothing

Western Union brags that charging you $5 to send $50 is a good deal. Actually it’s a 10% charge for doing nothing! Don’t fall for it. Get a checking account at a bank or a credit union and send a check in the mail for 44 cents instead.

Western Union

The average American will spend 40% of their lifetime earnings on interest payments to the banks

The average American will make almost $1 million in lifetime earnings.  $400,000 will be paid to banks for interest on credit cards, home mortgages and car loans.   Avoid as much bank interest as you can and use that $400,000 for yourself and your investments.

Financial Times

Senate Republicans Vote “No” on Jobs Bill. Obama Vows to Keep Fighting

Mitch McConnellLast night, even though a majority of Senate members voted to pass the Jobs Bill, Senate Republicans used their filibuster power to defeat the bill.  Democrats were in favor of the bill (51 out of 53 dems voted “yes”) while every single Republican voted “no”. 

The "no" votes send a clear message that the Republicans don’t care about putting millions back to work and cutting taxes for middle class Americans.  The only goal of the Republicans is to defeat Barack Obama and while they’re at it tank the economy in the process.

Teachers in poor Black and Latino communities make $2,500 LESS than their counterparts

Using property tax to fund schools is 1 reason for this disparity.  Poor neighborhood, less property tax, less money for teachers and students.

Department of Education