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What are Poverty Taxes and How to Avoid Them

The Basics: 

Poverty TaxHave you ever wondered why when you're poor and struggling there are always things coming up that seem to suck extra dollars out of your paycheck? You thought your check was say $500, but before you can turn around you're down to three or four hundred bucks and you haven't paid a single bill yet? 

If this seems to keep happening don't worry you are not alone.  You are just a victim of the old adage of why the rich stay rich and the poor stay poor.  Your problem is simple - you are paying way too much Poverty Tax.

Beware Paul Ryan for VP - a Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

Paul RyanAfter months of speculation, Mitt Romney has finally settled on his Vice President choice, Paul Ryan.  Of course many Republican conservatives are elated with this choice, as Ryan represents everything they like: smaller government, tax breaks for the rich, eliminating social programs, and a "dog-eat-dog" capitalism that leaves many poor, hungry and disenfranchised.

Democrats are equally pleased with the pick as Paul Ryan represents an easy target to rail against.  For Democrats Ryan is the poster child for everything wrong with Republican conservative philosophy. 

Political pundits on both sides of the aisle will spend the next few months sniping at each other and battling it out on Fox, CNN and MSNBC, but honestly we don't care about that.  What we care about here at The Survival Guide is how does a Mitt Romney - Paul Ryan ticket affect me?

The Solitary Confinement Profiteers

Prison towersThe Prison Industry is the most profitable economic sector in the United States.

We reprint this article today from Mutope Duguma, a prisoner in Pelican Bay, to give our readers a chance to understand prison from the perspective of someone in the system.  We also hope that it serves as a cautionary tale for our young people to stay away from crime and to avoid the profit-based prison system at all costs.

(View original SF Bayview article here).

Pacman Jones to NFL Rookies: I once blew $1 million in one weekend

Adam Pacman JonesThere are many reasons why athletes go broke; some legitimate and some not.  Adam "Pacman" Jones however is the poster child for spending money frivolously and recklessly.   Seemingly having learned from the errors in his ways, Pacman Jones recently addressed the incoming NFL crop at the 2012 Rookie Symposium warning them of some of the pitfalls of wild spending and the NFL lifestyle.

Pacman Jones was a can't miss prospect in 2005 and was drafted with much fanfare by the Tennessee Titans in 2005.  Although he lived up to the hype on the field, his off the field behavior was a constant source of embarrassment and frustration for the team.  Bar fights, wild partying and team suspensions derailed his efforts and ruined what was a potential hall-of fame career.

In 2011 Only 55% of Law School Grads Found Legal Jobs

According to the American Bar Association only 55% found legal jobs requiring passing the bar 9 months after graduation.  Read more about the risk-reward of law school here

American Bar Association

How to Date Women Without Going Broke

The Basics: 

The Dating GameA fact is a fact: men are genetically programmed to chase women.  Every heterosexual boy who reaches puberty goes through "the change" - where we go from cute little boys to skirt-chasing men; all in the attempt to satisfy that ever-growing sex drive. 

With that being said we know that all men are different.  Some search for that one woman who will satisfy their needs for a lifetime; while others attempt to find and bed as many women as they can before its time to settle down.  For those in the second category (sorry ladies, most men are in this group) a large part of every day is devoted to finding ways to impress women.  Unfortunately too many young brothers today will say anything, do anything or BUY anything just to impress the ladies.

Today's WTF Moment: Man Buys Yeezy 2 Shoes for 90k on eBay

Air Yeezy 2The new Nike shoe, the Air Yeezy 2 designed by Kanye West, is one of the most highly anticipated shoe releases in history.  People are literally kicking and screaming to get a pair of the shoes that go for $245 retail. 

Even with all the hype and limited supply one man clearly went off the deep end by paying $90,000 for a pair of the shoes on eBay.


No Gym Shoe is Worth $245 – or Your Life

The Basics: 

Air Yeezy 2For the past few months there has been a lot of buzz circulating around a new Nike shoe called the Air Yeezy 2.  The shoe, created by Kanye West, is scheduled to sell retail at a whopping $245.

Many people cannot wait to buy this shoe (that looks like a cross between a sneaker and a moon boot) and have even paid the outlandish price of $90,000 on eBay just to be the first to own a pair (Today's WTF Moment).  Since no one in the mainstream media has stepped up to the plate, let me be one of the first to say that paying $245 for a gym shoe is wrong on multiple levels.  This article touches on some of the reasons why.

20% of Americans can't read or write well enough to fill out a job appication

One in five Americans today cannot read or write well enough to fill out a job or read a bedtime stories to their children.  Adult literacy is one of the basics for survival.  Check out some resources here

Literacy for Every Adult Program (LEAP)

Ponzi Schemes increased 400% from 2008 to 2009

150 ponzi schemes were reported in 2009 compared to only 40 in 2008.  These schemes cost investors over $16.5 billion. African American churchgoers lost millions in this ponzi scheme.

Securities and Exchange commission (SEC)