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The purpose of the AfroBlog echoes the mission of - to express our thoughts on the black community, and to try to elevate it through information and knowledge.  Many of these posts are my latest musings about "the game" that we call life, who holds which cards, and how we can improve our odds of winning.

There are so many strong voices out there that have important things to say in their blogs.  On our links page we have listed some of our favorites that you should check out.  If you want us to link to your blog, or you want to be a guest blogger for AfroDaddy, let us know.

Today's WTF Moment: Shawty Lo and the 10 Baby Mamas

Just when you thought it couldn't get any more ghetto...

Shawty Lo 10 Baby Mamas

Shawty Lo, the Atlanta-based rapper has found a way to monetize his ability to reproduce like a rabbit in heat with his new show, "All My Babies Mamas". 

The Top 5 Biggest Sellouts of 2012

As we approach the end of another year it is time for the series of lists shoing the good, the bad and the ugly of 2012.  We kick off this series profiling some of the biggest sellouts of 2012; those who have used their fame and fortune to exploit the very people who support them.  So without further ado, here is the list of the top 5 sellouts of 2012

5. Montel Williams - Sold Out The Poor and Desparate

Montel Williams

Today's WTF Moment: Images from the NBA

The Los Angeles Lakers have settled on Mike D'Antoni as their new coach, but the Lakers still look in disarray.  Aging rapidly, often injured and struggling at .500, the Lakers are not looking like they are ready for a championship run.


Most People Want to WORK

Work Not Welfare

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D.L. Hughley “Mockumentary” Not Funny, Almost Insulting

D.L. HughleyLet me start by saying that I am a D.L. Hughley fan.  I find his stand up comedy to be extremely funny, insightful and usually entertaining.  D.L. has always had a way of telling jokes about his personal experience as a black man in a way most can relate to and laugh at.  He also usually has a way of discussing tough topics like politics and racism in a way that makes people laugh at themselves as much as they laugh at others. 

With all that said I had high hopes for his new comedy special “D.L. Hughley: The Endangered List.”  Unfortunately my high hopes were dashed after seeing the 1 hour special.  Hughley blew this comedic opportunity, taking a serious topic and trivializing it to the point that it was decidedly unfunny and at times almost insulting.

What the Obama Victory Means For Us

Obama Victory PoseAs you know here at The Black Man Survival Guide we are firm believers in "do for self".  With that being said the re-election of President Obama, along with some key Senate and local victories, will have a significant impact on the individual lives of millions of people. 

This post touches on a few of the key changes (and lack thereof) that we can expect under a second term for President Obama.  As the coalition that supported Obama and the Democrats is broad there is something for everyone in the Tuesday night victories.  We must note however that the electoral victories do not signify the end of the battle.  The real work comes now as we must push Obama and the rest of the government to keep the promises that they made during the long campaign cycle.

What Obama Has Done For America - The Final Argument

Obama BidenFor those of you who are STILL on the fence as to whether you should vote for President Obama we present an excellent video that makes a very effective closing argument. 

Often times Republican pundits try to make the case that President Obama cannot run on his record.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  In fact President Obama has a significant list of accomplishments that make him one of the most successful presidents in history. 

If after all the campaigning, commercials, this video and other media bombardment you still think you want to sit at home and not vote, or God forbid want to vote for Romney/Ryan There are a host of articles at the end of this post to refer to that may finally sway your opinion.

Putting in Work logoSometimes you just have to put your head down and put in the WORK to get your house in order.  That's what we're doing right now, but I promise you we will be back STRONGER and WISER.

No drugs, no crime, no lying, no stealing or cheating.  This website is about survival and prosperity.  We need to do it, learn it, and get advice about it so we can share it honestly and openly.  As we learn we share.  You have probably heard the expression "physician, heal thyself".  That's what's up right now.  This period of stress that we endure now will help us all in the end.

Peace and love,

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Congratulations President Obama on Your Debate Performance

President Obama

President Obama delivers a calm, cool and effective performance in the second presidential debate of 2012.  See the story here