Missy Elliott

Who They Are: 
Singer, Producer

There are only a handful of female artists who can say that they have truly dominated the hip hop scene.  Missy Elliott is one of them and can arguably be included in the discussion of the best rappers of all time.  A 5-time Grammy Award winner, Missy Elliott is as well known for her ground breaking videos as she is for her hip hop lyrics.  From her debut in the early 1990's Missy Elliott (and her partner in crime Timbaland) have been cranking out hits for years, culminating in her 2005 award-winning album "Under Construction".

Just as things seemed as if they could not get any better, Elliott had a major setback in 2009 when she was diagnosed with Graves Disease; an autoimmune deficiency that includes symptoms such as excessive weight loss, nervousness and extreme tremors.  At one point her tremors were so severe that Missy said “I couldn’t even hold a pen” to write songs.   The time off during those years were not completely unproductive however as Missy still produced several chart-topping hits for stars to include Keyshia Cole, Monica and Jasmine Sullivan.

2012 has Missy Elliott healthy again and on top of her game.  She is currently moving up the charts with her collaboration with J Cole on “Nobody’s Perfect" and she has just released her first album in 7 years, “There’s Nothing Like”, with her first singles “9th Inning” and “Triple Threat” released this month.  It is clear that nothing can slow Missy down and we wish her much success on the new album and the rest of her career.

In Their Own Words: 

"All we do is make hits, and if you want a hit, maybe we’ll return your call." - Missy Elliott on "9th Inning" her first single on the 2012 album "There's Nothing Like".

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