Kerry Washington

Who They Are: 
Actress, Political Activist

Kerry Washington has been a film actress since the mid-nineties, with her career and fan base growing steadily ove time.  You may recognize her from roles in movies such as Ray, I Think I Love My Wife, or For Colored Girls. but Kerry Washington is much more than an actress.

In addition to sharing her talents on the big and small screen, Ms Washington has always been committed to the environment as well as giving back to the community.  Truly the epitome of a power woman, Kerry has received multiple awards for her work in social advocacy and leadership to include the 2005 Young Artist Award from Americans for the Arts, which is awarded for exemplary leadership.  She has also won the Women's Project Women of Achievement Award and the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Phoenix Award, given for her commitment to social advocacy.  In 2009 Washington was appointed to the President's Committee on the Arts and Humanities by President Barack Obama.

Powerful, beautiful, talented and with a soul geared toward helping others and the planet. These are definitely the marks of a beautiful black woman.

In Their Own Words: 

"...teaching, giving back, sharing, those are just the bricks that built the home that I grew up in." - Kerry Washington in NewYork Moves Power Issue 2010

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