Elle Varner

Who They Are: 

Very rarely does a new recording artist make such a big splash on the R&B music scene.  Elle Varner is one of those people.  Born Gabrielle Serene Varner, “Elle” is quickly making a name for herself thanks to her sultry, quality live performances and her amazing delivery of songs from her debut album “Perfectly Imperfect”.

Elle is a rare combination of great songwriting and pitch perfect voice that has made the industry stand up and take notice.  Perfectly Imperfect (released in August 2012) already has the song “Refill” nominated for a Grammy Award as Best R&B song, and her many performances (to include her knockout showing at the 2012 BET Awards) have placed her in great position to be the next R&B diva.

Although success is coming fast for Elle now she is hardly an overnight success story, nor is she simply a one trick pony.  Ms. Varner and those around her have been cultivating her many talents for years.

Elle is the daughter of Mikelyn Roderick and Jimmy Varner, both accomplished songwriters and publishers, and she spent much of her childhood immersed in the music industry.  She also spent her childhood from age 6 perfecting her talent on instruments; learning to play the flute, piano and the guitar.  Her formal training includes graduation from Amazing Grace Conservatory in LA, participation in the The Hamilton Academy of Music’s Vocal Jazz Group and Clive Davis' Department of Recorded Music at New York University where she was awarded “most likely to get signed” and “most likely to win a Grammy.” .

With her formal background and training, industry connections, innate talent and striking beauty, Elle Varner is one beautiful Black Woman that we will all be watching over the next several years.  We wish her well.

In Their Own Words: 

"In this moment right now, Elle is a young lady becoming a young woman stepping into a more responsible role—knowing what I want and speaking out for what I want and getting it." - Elle Varner, answering the question "Who is Elle?" in a December 2012 interview with Vibe Vixen.

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