What Black Men Should Do Now: 100 Simple Truths, Ideas, and Concepts (Dafina)

What Black Men Should Do Now: 100 Simple Truths, Ideas, and Concepts (Dafina)

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Are you being your best self? Are you living your best life?

These are questions author K. Thomas Oglesby asks African-American men in his latest life-strategies book, WHAT BLACK MEN SHOULD DO NOW: 100 Simple Truths, Ideas, and Concepts. The first of its kind, it offers straight-talk doses of practical advice, enlightenment and motivation to men ages 18 to 80 seeking to live more balanced, abundant and fulfilling lives. The book explores a wide range of topics—from achieving inner peace, maintaining physical well-being and engaging in fulfilling relationships to increasing spirituality, being the best sexual self and being an exceptional father.

The author goes beyond simply stating the dilemma of black men in America. Through sage wisdom, anecdotes and humor, he provides a tried-and-true prescription for navigating life’s journey. In an uplifting, supportive and benign manner, he provides accompanying bulleted "Action Steps" men can implement at once to begin to effect change in their lives. His color-outside-the-lines strategies offer a refreshing alternative to those previously available to African-American men. Through 100 brief chapterettes—and pithy quotes from the likes of Denzel Washington, Gen. Colin Powell, Prince, George Washington Carver and Michael Jordan—this engaging book assigns all the critical "should-dos," including (to name just a few):

-Don’t be an angry black man.

-Have the courage to cry when you are sad.

-Don’t have sex, make love.

-Eat a healthy diet.

-Have the patience of Job.

-If you are over age forty, have regular prostate exams.

-Make peace with the size of your penis.

-Uphold the African-American woman.

-Practice safer sex—always!

-Take the time to meditate

WHAT BLACK MEN SHOULD DO NOW will serve as a wake-up call for some, while providing others with a compass to reclaim their lives through healing old wounds, restoring self-esteem or building character. Men going through a midlife crisis may find solace and gain comfort from it. Mature teen brothers may experience "light-bulb moments" from it. Still, for others, the book may provide them with the reinforcement needed to continue living life to its maximum potential.

Timely, definitive and candid, this groundbreaking book is enlightening yet entertaining for black men—and the women who love and care about them. While the book is targeted to men, women will find it a wonderful guide to give to the men in their lives—husbands, boyfriends, sons, fathers, uncles, grandfathers and friends. Women will read it with great interest and learn ways to help their men live healthful and more rewarding lives.

With a powerful foreword by commentator Tavis Smiley of ‘The Tom Joyner Morning Show,’ National Public Radio and ABC News, WHAT BLACK MEN SHOULD DO NOW provides men with a blueprint for building their best selves in order to live their best lives!

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  • Author: K. Thomas Oglesby
  • Publication Date: 2002-05-01
  • Publisher: Kensington
  • Product Group: Book
  • Manufacturer: Kensington
  • Binding: Paperback, 200 pages
  • Features:
    • ISBN13: 9780758201713
    • Condition: New
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  • ISBN: 0758201710
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