The Top 5 Biggest Sellouts of 2012

As we approach the end of another year it is time for the series of lists shoing the good, the bad and the ugly of 2012.  We kick off this series profiling some of the biggest sellouts of 2012; those who have used their fame and fortune to exploit the very people who support them.  So without further ado, here is the list of the top 5 sellouts of 2012

5. Montel Williams - Sold Out The Poor and Desparate

Montel Williams

There was a time when Montel Williams had a legion of African American fans who felt like they found their true leader.  The Montel Williams Show was the only daytime talk show featuring a black man who presented topics highlighting the best things for social and financial prosperity, not only for African Americans but ALL Americans.  Fast forward several years and now Montel is peddling overpriced payday loans that more often than not hurt the black people obtaining them.  Multimillionaire Montel is counting on his black fans "believing" him about these loans being a good thing, but he (and Money Mutual) know that these legalized gangster loans have higher interest rates than a typical loan shark (up to 700%!!) and the penalties are brutal.  Shame on you Montel for selling your soul and selling us out.

4. Allen West - Sold Out His Country

 Allen West

One of the most hated Tea Party Republicans in history, Allen West used to support his country as a member (with questionable service) in the US Army.  Today West rails on other politicians calling them "vile" and "disgusting" and has even gone on record to call 80 members of the US Congress "communists".  Throwing out insults at Obama calling him a Marxist, Maoist and Socialist, West has managed to disgrace his political office and is an embarrassment not only to Black America but to anyone who thinks that politicians should act like grown ups.  After West recently lost his re-election to Congress in Florida he immediately disputed the race and called his opponent a cheater who "stole" the election.  A spoiled, bitter leader all the way until the end, Allen West is the perfect example of a ego-crazed politician who is only out for self. 

3. Nicki Minaj - Sellout Mind, Body and Soul

 Nicki Minaj 

With fake eyelashes, fake boobs, fake butt, fake blond hair, pale "skin whitening" makeup Nicki Minaj looks more like a white girl than Katie Perry.  Combine this with her fake British accent, pop lyrics and soft techno beats and you have a rapper who is a shell of her former self. 

Nicki Minaj Pre-Sellout

Sure she may have a few more fans but what was once a black woman who was looked at as the new face of black female hip hop has turned into a literal caricature of herself. Pre-pubescent black girls want her light skin, blond hair, big butt and big breasts.  Great role model Nicki!

2. Chris Brown - Sold His Morals and Values (if he ever had them)

Closing his twitter account after calling comedian Jenny Johnson "worthless" and a "thirsty bitch", Chris Brown is about as far away from a pop star as one could get.  Remember the days when Chris Brown was the fresh faced, tattooless kid with the great dance moves and the wonderful voice?  Flash forward 5 years and all Chris Brown is known for is beating Rihanna, tattooing his body, dying his hair and disrespecting women any chance he gets.  Not only did Brown call Johnson the "b" word he also told her to: "Take them teeth out when u sucking my d--- HOE." 

Chris Brown

Either Chris Brown was never a "good, rational human being" or he has had the worst personality breakdown of all time.  Either way the real Chris Brown is all about showing his a** now and it not a pretty sight.

1. Shaunie O-Neal and the Basketball Savages Wives - Selling Out Sisters for a Buck

 Basketball Wives 

Shaunie O'Neal earns the top spot becaue she is the most blatant sellout of all.  O'Neal knows that her show FALSELY depicts black women as savages who solve all their problems with wild rants and flailing fists, but she clearly doesn't care.  She continues to add more fights, more drama and more savage behavior; perpetuating every negative stereotype of black women precisely at the time when black women need to be uplifted.  To make matters worse she continues to try to cash in for herself promoting a possible Basketball Wives movie and is rumored to have one of the savages (Jackie Christie) posing for Playboy.  I will never understand how she has brainwashed so many sisters to watch this show that is so degrading to black women but the shameless Shaunie probably sleeps well at night, which is one more reason she is our top sellout for 2012.

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