Today's WTF Moment: Howard Stern Discusses Politics with Ignorant Americans

Howard SternPeople use the word "ignorant" a lot but many misuse it.  A person who is ignorant is someone who is unaware of something or has no knowledge of a thing.  There are many in America who are completely ignorant when it comes to politics.  This goes way beyond so-called "low information voters" who may not know all the issues.  In America there are far too many people who don't even know who is running for president, who is the vice president, what the candidates positions are on issues or even what the issues are.

Famous New York radio personality Howard Stern interviewed several people on the street and asked them questions about Obama, Romney, Osama Bin Laden and other basic political issues.  The level of ignorance was astonishing and disheartening.  Some think Sarah Palin or John McCain is running for president, Osama Bin Laden is alive, Obama is a Mormon and Paul Ryan is Obama's black running mate!  If this is any indication of what our population is like then it is no wonder why the rich run all over the masses like a 10-year old stomps on an ant hill.

According to Nielsen the average African American watches between 6 and 8 hours of TV each day.  More people need to take at least 1 of those hours and watch a goddamn news program!

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