Recipes for Destruction - The Prison System

Recipe for Destruction - The Prison System

Step 1

Start with 2 pounds of Drug War

Mix vigorously with 2 cups unfair sentencing laws and 1 cup stop-and-frisk

Dump in 1 large bag of minorities (Whenever possible use the ones that have been soaked in poverty and stored in struggling neighborhoods).

Add 1 smaller bag of non-minorities to level out your prison population

Add a sprinkle of white collar criminals for color and flavor

Blend until your prison population turns a heavy shade of black and brown and then set aside.

Step 2

Get out your big Prison Industrial Complex bowl

Fill the bottom with 1-1/2 pounds of prison privatization

Throw in 30-40 cloves of desperate states with budget problems

Also add:

- 4 tablespoons of police corruption

- 1 heaping spoonful of incompetent public defenders

- A sprinkle of corrupt prosecutors

Season with the essence of institutional racism (for bitterness)

Stir your Prison Privatization until you achieve maximum corporate profit

Step 3

Get your big United States melting pot and combine your black and brown Prison Population with the Prison Privatization. 

Spoon your mixture into prisons, making sure you fill each prison to the top (if you overfill a prison don’t worry about it).

Cook for about 30 or 40 years until your black and brown muffins are almost burnt to a crisp.

Remove from oven

Don’t forget to remove from oven!

Remove from oven!!!

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