50 Black Blogs for African Americans 2012

Black Blogs LogoPop Culture is nice and certainly can be interesting, but by definition it’s all style and little substance.  You read it, digest it and by tomorrow it’s forgotten.  It’s like substituting popcorn for your dinner every night.  Tastes good, but after a week you realize you’ve gotten no real nutrition. 

There’s a lot of pop culture on the web designed to keep you eating the popcorn every night.  On the other hand there are a host of African American blogs giving you the real meat and potatoes that will feed and nourish you.  Without further ado here is the new list of top black blogs 2012.

Let me start by saying although we are not repeating some of the blogs from last year’s list: 50 African American Blogs for Black Men, ALL of them (who are still blogging regularly) are still excellent reading choices and we still recommend them, but we have to make room for the new crop.  Also, this is not an exhaustive list so if there is someone not listed add them to the comments so we can include them in 2013.


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50 Black Blogs for African Americans 2012 - "The List"

Black Informant Still one of my absolute favorites.  This man does his research and writes - well
Field Negro  Still the strongest and the most unapologetic.  All hail the Field Negro
Prometheus 6  Posts are short and to the point, but with this blog less is more
United Black America I knew they would be strong when they started out last year.  They have not disappointed. You will always learn something here
Uptown Notes  Some of the highest quality writing on the web
The Hustler's Notebook Positive energy and great advice for entrepreneurs
MarleeWard.com Great business advice for entrepreneurs with a laid back style
Rise and Grind Very unique page layout to go along with interesting content. Love the time estimates to read each post.
La Shawn Barber’s Corner  Blogging since '03. Well published and very good
The Old Black Church  Excellent Christian blog with loyal following
The Gentlemen’s Standard High style and fashion.  Very classy and well written. No saggy jeans here
Street Etiquette Very stylish, great photos
Urban Gentleman Lots of good fashion to look at plus great articles. For the young urban male
Black Youth Project Young people writing about what matters to them.  Good stories, positive vibe and highly recommended for the younger set
The Jose Vilson  Life from an educator's perspective. Very nice design and the content is top notch
Makes Me Wanna Holler Great blog for black fathers. Covers parenting, fatherhood and relationships
Mocha Dad Three kids and still has time to blog. A veteran with blogging skills.
Cook This... Get Laid Mona is funny and has a great blog. Sexy, funny and well written with lots of recipes plus good relationship advice
Frugivore Magazine For the vegetarians and healthy eaters.  More than a blog with great tips on health and nutrition
My Life Runs on Food Still makes me hungry every time I visit
For the Fellas  
The Well Versed Lifestyle blog for men with a sports focus.  Latest MMA and boxing news plus features on music and women
For the Ladies  
For Harriet The writing is excellent quality. Good topics of interest to today's black woman.  No gossip or foolishness here
AfroBlog The official blog of The Black Man Survival Guide.  Not being vain, we just think it's very good
Afrospear  A Think Tank For People Of African Descent. The Godfather of black blogging
Average Bro  Still "poppin' tags" and just as fresh as ever
Black Gives Back If you think black people don’t care, read this bog and you will see the light.  Full of articles about philanthropists donating their time and money to serve our communities
Electronic Village  Funny and on point with a strong and very loyal community
theFreshXpress Blog Network A network of strong young bloggers for the new generation
From Ashy 2 Classy Besides having one of the coolest titles for a blog the writing is always interesting
Lance Scurv Artist, writer, activist and all around badass. The unapologetic blog from Lance Scurvin.  Funny, raw, real and uncut.
This Week in Blackness Video based and very funny. Part of the NewsOne family focused on pop culture
Healthy Black Men Health and fitness for black men. Very good health articles and a sprinkle of social commentary
O Hell Nawl If you're looking for laughs in your blog this is the place to go.
This is Your Conscience Keeping it really real. Not for the weak of heart, but you will laugh when you read this blog
Anderson At Large  A personal favorite.  Faye Anderson is getting the real story straight from the source.  Politics and activism.
Black Snob Usually we don't like "snobs" but this one writes a quality political blog.
The Black Sphere If you’re a Republican and you hate Obama you’ll love this blog.  If you’re going to go right, you go all the way with Kevin Jackson
Jack and Jill Politics  Strong political blog with a large following. One of the best in the business.
Oliver Willis  "Like kryptonite to stupid".  With a tagline like that you will always make this list
The Urban Politico A strong team of writers working hard for you.  Politics and social commentary
We Are Respectable Negroes Respectable yes, but very strong minded and opinionated. 
Relationships and Marriage  
Black and Married with Kids Just like the title says.  A very positive blog about black family life
Single Black Male Always keeping it real and interesting.  Quality blog for the young black men (and the women who want to understand them).
Very Smart Brothas Excellent relationship blog for young black men.  Always makes you think and very, very, funny
We Got Kidz Life with kids.  A very funny blog addressing parenting, relationships and romance

For the Readers: These brothers and sisters are working HARD to entertain and educate.  Show them some love on their respective sites.  They deserve it!

For the Bloggers: If you’re a blogger and looking for a conference to go check out this EXCELLENT list of conferences courtesy of BlogConferenceGuide.com.

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Keep doing what you do and we salute you!

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