50 African American Blogs for Black Men

Harlem Renaissance - Langston Hughes et. alThe Black Man Survival Guide and the The AfroBlog are founded on the principles of building community and sharing information to help us all prosper collectively.  To do that we share as much information as we can through the articles we write, the questions we answer and the article contributions from our wonderful guest authors.  We also try to share information about other websites that we think will be useful.  We feel that the only way to come up as a people is to share our knowledge and point brothers and sisters to answers and solutions.  In that spirit, this blog post highlights some of the best African American blogs on the web that consistently create posts to inspire, educate and uplift black men and the black community.

Many of the African American bloggers listed have already been recognized within the blogosphere for their good works. Some are 2010 Weblog Award winners and some are listed in Links to websites for black men.  Others are not as well known, but their words are just as powerful and inspiring.  In either case, all the blogs are a good read and if you haven’t discovered them you may want to check them out. 

For my fellow bloggers: if you would like to submit a guest post, or would like to feature a post from The AfroBlog on your site, please drop me a line. 


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50 African American Blogs for Black Men - "The List"

Afro-Netizen  Dedicated to informing, inspiring and engaging afro-netizens
Black Informant Always on point and very informative
Dangerous Negro Excellent blog and even better clothing line
Field Negro  Great content and never sells out
Prometheus 6  2010 Weblog Award winner
United Black America New blog with some very good content
Uptown Notes  2010 Weblog Award winner "best writing in a blog"
Black Business Blog Black business networking
Dante Lee How to build a better blog and make money doing it
Young Black Professional Guide Tips on how to run a business and excel in the workplace
Faith In Action Religion, Policy and Activism
Hood Prophetic No Justice No Priest
La Shawn Barber’s Corner  Blogging since '03. Well published and very good
The Old Black Church  Excellent Christian blog with loyal following
The Gentlemen’s Standard Staying fly and well refined
The Jose Vilson  Life from an educator's perspective
African American Dad 2010 Weblog Award winner "best parenting or family blog"
Black Man Having a Baby Documenting the experience of fatherhood as a good black man
Mocha Dad The musings of a harried dad in his quest to raise 3 kids
My Life Runs on Food Will make you hungry every time you visit
African American Empowerment Focused on self empowerment and giving to empower others
AfroBlog The official blog of The Black Man Survival Guide
Afrospear  A Think Tank For People Of African Descent
Average Bro  Poppin' tags since 2007
A Black Man's View Inspirational, varied and funny.  A veteran, quality blog
Electronic Village  Very educational and has a strong and loyal community
Global Voices Online  Citizen media stories from around the globe
theFreshXpress Blog Network 2010 Weblog Award winner "best network blog"
This Week in Blackness Part of the NewsOne family focused on pop culture
Thought Provoking Perspectives Covers a host of social issues with intelligence, quality and hope
W.E.E. See You…  Keeping an eye on African American history, politics & pop culture
Black Fitness Blog Blog on men's fitness and a healthy lifestyle
O Hell Nawl 2010 Weblog Award winner "best humor blog"
Very Smart Brothas 2010 Weblog Award winner "best humor blog" "best group blog"
News (US & Pan African)  
Mirror On America  Political News and commentary from the web
Black Politics on The Web  News consolidator with quality posts
Uhuru News  The Burning Spear Newspaper
Anderson At Large  Faye Anderson's blog for the thoughtful activist
Black Snob 2010 Weblog Award winner "best political blog"
Democratic-AfroSphere "Black voices united by democratic principles and commmon sense"
Jack and Jill Politics  Strong political blog with large following
Oliver Willis  "Like kryptonite to stupid".  Excellent blog
The Boyce Blog  Dr. Boyce Watkins - "The People's Scholar"
The Urban Politico 2010 Weblog Award winner "best political or news blog"
Uppity Negro Network  "A place to embrace your inner uppity negro"
We Are Respectable Negroes Respectable but strong minded and opinionated. 
Relationships and Marriage  
Black and Married with Kids 2010 Weblog Award winner "best parenting or family blog"
Single Black Male The life and trials of a single black man.  Funny and real
The Relationship Playbook 2010 Weblog Award winner "best sex relationship blog"
Until I Get Married Chronicles of a single man 2010 Weblog Award winner


Note1:  the blogs listed here focus on African American issues with most of their posts related to:

a) One or more of the key areas of the The Black Man Survival Guide: Food, Shelter, Clothing, Health, Love and Money;  or

b) One of our Featured Content areas: Beauty, Education, Fatherhood, Inspiration, Knowledge and Wisdom

For that reason you probably won’t see your favorite hip hop, gossip, celebrity or fashion blog.  Those blogs are certainly valuable and many are very well written they are just not for this particular post.   Hopefully there will be future posts to cover other blog categories. 

Note 2: If your blog isn’t listed here, please add it in the comments so we can build a bigger, better list. 

Note 3: If you are reading this post, you’ve already found The AfroBlog and as the new kids in the blogosphere I sincerely thank you. 

Note 4: If your blog is listed here, leave a comment below or email me to share your thoughts.

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