5 Reasons Why You Must Vote in 2012

Vote 2012

I've said it before and I still firmly believe that individuals need to make change in their own lives.  We cannot wait for government to "fix" things.  Even though this is the case we must realize that it is irresponsible and not in our self-interest to let government run unchecked with politicians who make it difficult or even impossible to succeed. 

There are many reasons to vote in 2012; some are directly related to policy, and some surprisingly are not.  Likewise, there are reasons to vote FOR Barack Obama and there are even more critical reasons to vote AGAINST his opponent. Below are some of the main reasons to vote in this critcal election.  Your future literally may depend on it.

By voting you take a stand for what you want and what you don't want for your future. When you vote Democrat this year you will accomplish these 5 things.

1. Fight voter suppression. 

Voter Suppression SignMost elections contain dirty tricks, but the 2012 election kicks it up to a new level.  Republican legislatures have passed voter ID (voter suppression) laws in 30 states.  These laws have the effect of keeping  minorities, young people and seniors from the polls.  By not voting you are helping their strategy succeed. 

Whether you are democrat or republican you should be deeply offended by this attempt to block your vote.  People marched, fought and died so everyone could have the right to vote.  If for no other reason you should vote to honor those who gave up so much so we could have this basic American right.

2. Stop the Republican Agenda.

There are many components of the Republican agenda that, in my opinion, are extremely damaging for our future.  The Republican agenda:

- takes away a woman's right to choose,

- blocks equal pay for equal work,

- makes it harder for students to get loans and grants, and

- eliminates medicare, puts social security in jeopardy and destroys the social safety net.

In addition the Republican agenda is one that favors corporations and the rich; giving tax breaks to corporations and millionaires while leaving the poor and the middle class to fend for themselves.  It is a philosophy of unbridled capitalism that by design helps the rich get richer and the poor stay poor.  The only way to stop this agenda is to vote Democratic AT ALL LEVELS.  You cannot bring change with a Democratic president alone.  We need Democratic congressmen, senate members, governors and mayors.  Voting is the only way to make that happen.

3. Not voting sends a message that electing Obama was a mistake.

President ObamaRepublicans and racist fringe elements already think electing Barack Obama was a huge mistake.  Not re-electing him gives that claim some credence, as it tells America and the world that we didn't think he was good enough to serve a second term.  We gave Obama a chance and he failed.  Is this the legacy that we want for our first black president?

History should judge President Obama as one of the better presidents in history.  He averted a depression, saved the automobile industry, ended war and killed the #1 enemy of the free world.  The way to diminish all of his accomplishments is to give him a vote of "no confidence" by not re-electing him for a second term.

4. The next president will get all the credit for the inevitable economic turnaround.

Based on the natural cycle of recession and recovery many economic analysts say that no matter what policies are implemented the unemployment rate will slowly drop to 6 percent by 2016.  If this is the case the next president will get praised for their policies and that party will have the wind at their backs in the 2016 election. 

Barack Obama was the one who saved us from depression and steered us on the right track.  It Romney is president he will take credit for this "natural" phenomenon and claim that the Republican Party has he right prescription for America.  He and the Party will have a mandate to implement their economic and social policies that favor the rich and alienate the poor and middle class.  Meanwhile they will heap all the blame on Obama and the Democrats for unemployment hovering at 8.2%.  It will set the Democratic agenda back for years and maybe decades and by then it may be too late to turn the country around.

5. Tell the world that corporations are not people.

Corporations Are Not PeopleThe Citizens United decision that allows corporations and superpacs spend unlimited money is the potential destroyer of our democracy.  Corporations support it as it gives them all the power to buy elections.  It is the tool that Republicans are banking on to defeat Obama and the Democrats and unfortunately it has already affected several races at the state and local level. 

Voting in Obama and others who will be slammed by an avalanche of Republican money will send a message that elections cannot be bought

The Republican Party is trying to suppress your vote, take away women's rights, eliminate the social safety net and tarnish the legacy of our first black president.  By not voting you are allowing it to happen.

Vote 2012.  Vote Obama

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